How Many Words Are In This Article: The Number Of Words In This Article

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Count the Number Of Words

If you want to speed up your writing and want to show how many words you count try our Count Letter tool for free.

The number of words in this article

A number of words This article is written in: The number of words in this article: When is a list of words better than a list of numbers?

How to use the Count Letter Tool

A full description of how to use the Count Letter Tool can be found here. You can use the Count Letter Tool to see how many words you’ve used in a lot of articles you’ve read. In fact, we suggest you do this whenever you’re writing an article to find out if your writing style is based on memorization or based on genuine, well-crafted knowledge. If you’re writing for a blog or a professional website, then what you put in your articles should reflect your expertise in your chosen subject. However, if you’re writing on your own blog then you can take the approach of writing because you want to express yourself. On your own blog, you should write as if you were speaking to a group of people who would be able to relate to your knowledge and opinions.


Having a written word count is one of the most useful things to help you control your productivity and stay organized. We do not recommend recording every single article you write, but try to record as much as you can. Taking some notes in the margin of your draft and noting some writing tasks here and there will increase your productivity. By using this tool, you can get an idea of how long a certain project is, and start to break it down into smaller tasks and have a more solid idea of when it will be finished. Are you looking for an article that will help you write faster and smarter?