How to Count Words: A Step-by-Step Guide for Bloggers and Writers

word count

Quickly check word count and writing mistakes by pasting your text into our free online word counter. Great for essays, papers, google meta tags and more.

How to use our Word Counter

To use our word counter, go to our website and input your text. Once you’ve done this, click the little blue button in the middle of the page. The purple numbers will appear below the text. They’ll also change color as you make edits. Use the buttons above the word counter to turn the word count on and off. Browse through all the updated counts and find the number that you’re looking for. NOTE: If you want to see the HTML version of your Word Counter, click on the “The Word Counter” link to go to the WordPress dashboard. Have you ever used our Word Counter before? Have you ever discovered a typo that you didn’t know about?

What is a word count?

A word count is a measure of the word count of a document, poem, story, or even a website, where the count is the number of characters in the document or the number of words that it has. A well-written piece, at 120 words per page, would have 30,000 words in it, for example, and a dull, ugly piece, at 300 words per page, would have 70,000 words in it. Examining word counts is a vital first step in honing your language, making you a better writer, and honing your prose. Before we show you how to measure your word count, let’s look at the value of a word count and what it can tell you about your work.

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Why should I care about word count?

All writers have to read their own work with the help of a dictionary. A rule of thumb is to write at least 10 times as much as you read to form a decent, thorough understanding of your work. While most people are capable of reading 30,000-40,000 words per sitting, most adults cannot read much more than 5,000 per sitting. For many writers, knowing their word counts is the only way they can keep up. And for those who are ambitious, knowing their word counts also helps determine how much time they need to dedicate to a project. How can I count words? While a quick test of your word count is one thing, counting each individual word to be sure you’re using the same number of characters is quite another. To count the number of words, we use one of our own special word counters.

How to calculate the number of words in your document

Use this handy equation to calculate the number of words in your document: Word Count = (A1 – A2)/(A1 + A2). Do you have a lot of English words? Use this formula to easily find out how many of your words are actually English words: Word Count = (A1 – A2)/(A1 + A2) The formulas below are great for quickly checking word count in Google Docs and Microsoft Word: Please note: Once you’ve added a title, be sure to click “get started” and select “style” from the “style” drop-down list. You will then be directed to “the Stylesheets” page.


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