How to Improve Your Typing Skills: A Counter With A Character

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Improve Your Typing Skills

Character Count Online is a free online character and word counting tool. All results are immediately shown and it is ridiculously easy to use and of course, the service is completely free. Here is how to Improve Your Typing Skills

How to Improve Your Typing Skills

All this time I thought I was suffering from a severe lack of imagination. Turns out it is because I did not have any. I feel like a real writer now, you know? And I have a game plan. There will be no more waste of time and words; no more cons and nothings. I will write a serious and solid novel, follow the correct writing habits and shape a story with my words. For now, this is the plan. It may change, of course, but I will outline the plot. I will write it all down, from beginning to end. Perhaps the story will not turn out the way I imagined, but if it does, I will learn from my mistakes and I will be prepared to write a whole new one. We all have dreams. We all have aspirations. The problem is, we cannot fulfill our dreams. We have to set priorities.

The Importance of Using a Counter

Some typers count their characters in their heads and some only check them while creating new pages. Counting them on paper, for example, will help the writer to work out if there are gaps in their character setup. More importantly, you will find ways to resolve this and get rid of it. A character can be a secret supporter for a certain player, or he might be a secret savior of the team. Even if we don’t find out he will end up doing some of the very things he does in the novel, it is still an element that adds to the complexity of the book. If the writer understands what is going on, he will be able to develop this element and make it work perfectly. Example: Anybody can write a book that has heroes, but it’s really hard to write a book with villains.

Why You Should Use Character Count Online

If you are working on your typing skills and want to improve your ability to create believable characters with vivid personalities and more detailed backstories, then you have to get the free character and word count counting tool, or CCMO, from this website. It will greatly improve your creativity in writing and you will be able to express yourself more vividly and clearly. This is a simple yet effective writing tool that allows you to count all the character details of the people in the video without having to write down details manually. You just need to play the videos which are uploaded daily and add the characters when you notice them. After you finish, you will have an instant report of the characters that you have in your video and how many you have.


These are a number of free, excellent, and free sources you can use for character and word counts. In my humble opinion, these are the best free resources you can use. Do you have any other free online sources that you use? Please share in the comments below.

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