How To Improve Your Typing Speed: The Secret to Faster Typing

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Typing Speed

Knowing the placement of your computer keyboard is fastly becoming a standard skill. Here are five tips to keep you up to speed on your keyboard skills. Here is how to Improve Typing Speed…

The Basics of Typing

A keyboard is an awesome tool for an experienced typist. However, it can be difficult to gain that proficiency when one just starts out. Below is a quick guide to some of the basics of typing. Using Your Mac Keyboard Don’t forget about your Mac keyboard. There are far too many people that never use their Mac keyboards and that is a shame. Mac keyboards are different from the traditional “rectangle” keyboards most of us are accustomed to. They have special keys for extra-typical characters and symbols. An easy place to start your Mac typing journey is to go to the Keyboard section of System Preferences. Now, there is no wrong way to type, but there are certainly right ways. Below are a couple of tips to help you start improving your typing skills.

Preparation for Faster Typing

Every skilled typist knows that the most important thing in the world is knowing where to place their fingers to type the right words at the right time. Let’s start with a quick primer on the process of typing. Firstly, we must know how to position our fingers on the keyboard in relation to each other and the arrow keys. Secondly, we must also know how to position our hands in relation to our legs, head and shoulders in order to keep our eyes looking down the keyboard while typing. Following these steps, we can learn how to naturally achieve higher typing speeds. 1. Setting Up Your Keyboard First, position your body properly. Take a step back and look straight down the keyboard. We want our eyes to be looking down the entire time.

Mastering Numbers and Punctuation

As typing has become more of a necessity than a pleasure, problems start to appear. Whether you’re writing e-mails, essays, reports, or documents, it’s important to learn how to navigate the keyboard. That way, you can type efficiently and accurately. This is true for adults and for children. With a little practice, it’s not hard to memorize the specific locations of the keys and their functions. Number Pad If you don’t know what the number pad is, then it’s time to learn. The number pad is a dedicated space between your number keys and the “up” row. If you’re a typist who’s used to the number row, then adjusting to the number pad may take a little time. But it’s worth it. You’ll be making smarter and more efficient use of your fingers.

Practicing Your Skills

How much does your typing speed really matter? How well are you able to type? If you’re one of the few people who actually care about your typing speed and have reached beyond the level of acceptable typing speed, then you probably already know you’re capable of higher levels. Here are some tips to help you improve your typing speed: The Best Typing Software for Speedy Speed To set you on the path towards faster typing, we’ve done some research for you. There’s a number of software programs you can use to increase your typing speed. We recommend completing any typing test that your work offers. If you’re new to computer typesetting, there’s a huge library of tips you can use.

The Joy of a Faster Computer Keyboard

1. Remember to use a left shift key. 2. Find the Backspace button and use it often. 3. Use the Control keys for any action except on a PC keyboard. 4. Use the backspace button of the mouse for deleting or moving text. 5. Use the right Ctrl to highlight and delete any text that you want to keep. Also, if you want to use any Mac or Windows-compatible keyboard, go to your OS and find the “USB or PS/2 keyboard function”. It will work. How To Improve Your Typing Speed: Keyboard Switch Another way to make your typing faster is to learn the keyboard command to switch a word from one character set to another. This command is CTRL+SHIFT+J (or Control+J).