How to Learn C++: What You Need To Know About Programming

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C++ is a programming language that was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1983. It is one of the popular coding languages which has no garbage collector running in the background.

What is C++?

The syntax of C++ is described as being very similar to other programming languages but more suitable for large-scale programming. The syntax is very simple, almost like a toddler writing in English. The standard library of C++ contains various utilities and features such as string, vector, multipurpose matrix and linear algebra. Many popular applications and libraries have been written in C++, some of them being the database manipulation frameworks MySQL and PostgreSQL, the web browsers Firefox and Internet Explorer 8, the graphics processors Radeon and CorelDRAW, the game engines Quake and Unreal Engine 3, the audio player MP3 (music player), the video and video codecs VP8 (VP9), the storage solutions like Zoolz and Pure Storage and many other.

How to learn C++?

You can learn C++ by reading books, watching videos, and learning online. You can also find many courses online to learn C++. I highly recommend doing it in online courses, because the quality of these courses is much better than the books. Don’t know where to start? Here is a cheat sheet that lists a huge number of resources. One of the best online resources is Khan Academy. You can also learn C++ from Yahoo. How to master C++ Once you have learned the basics, you can focus on your preferred language. My personal preference is C++. Here are the things which I have learned: Learn C++ from sources: I cannot recommend this enough.

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Benefits of learning C++

Languages like Java and C# are very popular. They have one of the most popular language frameworks such as JVM and .Net respectively. But if you are good at C++ you can always compete with these programmers. C++ is great because it offers many libraries for programmers. These libraries can be very helpful in optimizing your code and tackling difficult problems. Learning C++ is like learning to code in many ways. These are some of the most popular languages. Programming in PHP Programming in PHP is not like Java and C++ programming. In contrast to them, when you are writing code in PHP, you don’t have to know the details of the underlying file structure. That’s why PHP is easier for beginners. The benefits of learning PHP are very simple.


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You have all the knowledge and the skills which you need to learn the basics of C++. Now it is time to enhance your knowledge about programming and it is all possible because of this course.

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