How To Type Faster: Fast Typing Tips and Tricks

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My tip to improve your typing speed is to type slowly and accurately, just focus on accuracy and your typing speed will become faster than before.

Get Rid Of Bad Habits

You are no match for our current predictive text technologies. Typing in large type on a smartphone is about as fast as giving someone a tattoo. These days, you should settle for software keyboards instead of a hardware keyboards. If you use a laptop, move your hands down the keyboard with your index fingers. That means typing with all 10 fingers: thumb, pinky, ring, index, middle, second, and pinky. There are good reasons to type only with your thumb, index, and ring finger, each of which has a special skill that makes you faster.

Use All 10 Fingers

keyboard finger

Google has been ramping up pressure on mobile device makers to support at least 10 fingers or more on their smartphones and tablets—a seemingly modest request, but one that Google sees as a critical component of making typing faster and more fluid. Android 4.1 has introduced a “power-saving” keyboard mode that slows down auto-correct, increases key distance, and slows keyboard movements. Those features will come to most devices going forward, Google says, but no specific timeframe was given. But Google is taking its keyboard advocacy even further: The company will be donating 10 million Android devices, including Nexus phones and tablets, to the Digital Schoolhouse—an organization that offers free keyboarding education to underserved areas in the U.S.

Learn To Touch Type

Imagine typing at least 100 words a minute, every day. How would you ever get the time for yourself to do the things you enjoy doing? Of course, a quick search will tell you that it is not easy to type at such a high speed, but what if I told you how? You see, writing is essentially learning to type faster. Here are a few ways that you can increase your typing speed so you can finally impress your boss, or impress a girl, or impress yourself. The reasons why most of us struggle to type so fast are the same reasons why you fail to write as quickly as you want to. We tend to judge and evaluate the effort we have put into writing or typing, when in fact, we have spent a fraction of that time in the gym and on the road. Do you know what this means?


Three of the top 10 fastest-growing careers are programmers. But how do you stand out from the crowd? I believe you need to learn how to type faster. It’s your opportunity to get hired for a high-paying programming job. Many companies today are looking for highly skilled programmers that are comfortable with the command line. Below are a few tips to get you started. Get Rid of Bad Habits Bad habits like excessive use of the spacebar, constantly pressing the “Return” key and repeatedly hitting keys to the right of your fingers are the quickest way to slow down your typing speed. To start making real progress you’ll need to change your behavior. My strategy was to cut out all things that I felt I couldn’t do properly.