The Text Length Calculator: A Simple Tool To Calculate The Length of Your Text Message

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Use our free text message character counter to estimate SMS length, character nature, text message cost and how it will display on different mobile devices.

The Text Length Calculator

In general, text messages sent with lengthier text messages tend to have longer message lengths and less content than shorter texts. In other words, a longer text will be longer with more content. Text message content can be broken into three main categories: words, characters and syntax. The list below is a quick reference to some of the most popular abbreviations and ways to convey that content. Words: These include simple phrases such as “hi,” “hello,” “how are you,” “where are you” and “let me know if you need anything” and long more complex phrases such as “who,” “what,” “why,” “when,” “where” and “what’s wrong.” Characters: These include words and text-like code such as symbols, numbers and symbols used in emojis.

Why is it important to know how long text messages are?

Short SMS messages are too expensive for consumers Many SMS text messages have inaccurate phone numbers and senders’ SMS text messages often contain invalid phone numbers and deliver the wrong message Industry research suggests that most consumers get their texts wrong when they reply to an SMS. Most consumers get their text messages wrong when they reply to an SMS. Industry research suggests that consumers pay much more for short text messages, even after you subtract the cost of the SMS itself, compared to longer SMS messages. Better length estimates help you communicate with the person, giving you more options for the message Let’s get started with our text message character counter calculator.

The Techniques To Calculate SMS Length

Step 1 – Outline Character There are different ways to calculate character length.

How does the length of a text message affect our lives?

If we’re only concerned with short messages such as those used for sending orders from a store, or ordering food for delivery, a text length of 30 characters, as with SMS and MMS, won’t be too much of an issue. If the text contains instructions to somebody, then 80 character SMS or MMS messages are ideal. What happens if we get a 60 character SMS message, which is the max number of characters per message allowed for free SMS messaging? As the maximum length of a phone number is eight characters, that means we’ve been charged for two more characters than we’re entitled to, because the fee covers an additional 4 characters. So we’ve got an extra cost of £0.50 per character.